ICBD iHackLabs Certified Digital Forensics has been designed by iHackLabs

This certification is granted by completing the Basic Digital Forensic course in Windows.

The best way to give value to a certificate is to demonstrate that the student really has the knowledge that is taught in the course, obtaining this theoretical and practical certification the student demonstrates his knowledge of forensic artifacts of Workstation systems or Windows servers.

We are aware that not all students have the same free time to spend time in the laboratory and exercises, so we have created an impartial system that will help the student to study at their own pace and to have the necessary time to obtain certification.

Term and Condictions

iHackLabs reserves the right to revoke the certification issued in case the student violates any part of the agreement or in any of the following cases:

  • Forgery of certificates using logos or certification of iHackLabs.
  • Assume the identity of another person during the exam.
  • Violate telematic crime laws that may damage the reputation of HackLabs.
  • Disseminate answers, solutions or results of the content of the exams by any means of transmission.
  • Spread screenshots, code, exploits any material to pass the exams by any means of transmission