ICSP iHackLabs Certified Student Professional Tester has been designed by iHackLabs

This certification is granted by completing the ICSP course. The best way to give value to a certificate is to show that the student has acquired the knowledge taught in the course. By obtaining this theoretical and practical certification the student demonstrates their knowledge of penetration testing in web applications.

We are aware that not all students have the same free time to spend time in the laboratory and on exercises, so we have created an impartial system that will help students to study at their own pace and have the necessary time to obtain certification



The process to acquire certification begins at the moment the student acquires the course. From this moment on they have the necessary time to complete the course. The certification process is divided into three parts, and each of them will be evaluated with a different weight

Phases of certification:

  • Theoretical exam at the iHackLabs Academy 20%
  • Practical exam in exam laboratory 50%
  • Final report supervised by instructors 30%


The theoretical exam consists of 80 multiple choice questions that will be held at the iHackLabs academy the exam time is 1.5 hours.

It is necessary to pass the theoretical exam to be able to continue with the certification process. All units must be completed to access the exam content.


The practical exam consists of 24 hours from which the student should detect security flaws in several vulnerable web applications with different challenges
it will be necessary to detect and document the entire process and write the final report that should be sent to iHackLabs.

The student must reserve their exam date beforehand, since it will have exclusively dedicated servers for the entire duration.

The availability of sites for practical exams is available through the iHackLabs portal. Students will not be able to select the exam date until they have successfully passed the theoretical exam.

The minimum reservation time is one week in advance. The retest will have the same reservation procedure as a normal exam and will be available 24 hours a day for the student. It is not possible to pause the laboratory


If the practical test has been successfully passed, the student must write a report detailing the intrusion process of each server, attaching evidence, methodologies used, vulnerability categorization and mitigation.

The report must have a quality presentation enclosing the entire infringement process step by step. Examinations that have not exceeded the minimum weight of the practical test will not be corrected. iHackLabs will provide the student with two sample reports and a template that must be submitted within 7 days of the completion of the exam.

The exam must be sent to iHackLabs by email. As in the professional world, the final report is extremely important so it will be evaluated by our instructors who will check the work of the student step by step. They will determine if the report is valid or not. If the report does not meet the necessary quality, the certification process cannot be completed. Our instructors will provide feedback to help the student improve. Once the feedback is provided, the user has seven days to re-submit their report.


Each user has a right to a theoretical examination, a right to practical examination and a report review included in the price of the course.

If a user fails the theoretical exam, the practical exam or the presentation of the report, they have the right to take a retest for free in any of the three phases.

If a user exceeds the three free tests included in the price of the course, they must pay the amount of ‚¬ 100 if they wish to take a retest.


The iHackLabs team will check the results, study the report and determine if the quality is sufficient for the student to be eligible to receive the certification.

The result will be SUITABLE / NOT SUITABLE. It is necessary to have passed all three phases to obtain the certification.

The results will be communicated to the student within a 7 business days from the delivery of the report.


The user will receive a personalized certificate that endorses their achievements.

Terms and Condictions

iHackLabs reserves the right to revoke the certification issued in case the student violates any part of the agreement or in any of the following cases:

  • Forgery of certificates using logos or certification of iHackLabs.
  • Assuming the identity of another person during the exam.
  • Violating telematic crime laws that may damage the reputation of HackLabs.
  • Disseminating answers, solutions or results of the content of the exams by any means of transmission.
  • Sharing screenshots or code, exploiting any material to pass the exams by any means of transmission